At The Scotch Pie Company, we are passionate about pies and we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality we are known to produce that has led to many awards. All of our pies are made from the finest, hand selected ingredients and are baked by our team of master bakers resulting in a range of delicious gourmet pies.

Our pies are freshly baked each day in our traditional Scotch oven and filled to the brim with specialist meat and organic vegetables. We believe that the shorter the distance between the farm and our customer, the more likely it is the nutrients and flavour will be savoured. That’s why we have partnered with the very best of the Highlands, meaning all of the pies we bake are made using locally sourced ingredients.

Our steak, for example, comes from highland farms in the Ross-shire area and only use “prime” cattle in our pies, which refers to cuts that are considered to be the best quality.

Our Haggis comes from the award winning establishment of Cockburns in Dingwall. All our other meat, game and poultry are locally sourced in the Ross-shire and Sutherland areas.

The vegetables we use are supplied to us from within a 25 mile radius of Tain; the swedes are grown organically by W.A. Sutherland in Dornoch and our potatoes are supplied by Brian Maciver on the Black Isle.

Traditionally, Scotch pies are made with a hot water crust case. When baked, this provides a firm shell for the filling and has a light and crispy texture to the bite. For our cases, all of our pies are made using this type of pastry. However, for the pie lids we use a variety of pastries, including puff pastry for a light and flaky finish and cold water pastry which is crispier.

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