Our bakery currently boasts an unrivalled selection of twelve different types of traditional Scotch pies, which you can find below. They are freshly baked daily in the oldest, and only remaining, working traditional Scotch oven. Our award winning Scotch pie is made from a recipe that has been handed down through generations.

All of our ingredients are hand-selected and sourced locally, to ensure the finest quality. Each of our pies has been appropriately named to complement the ingredients and to reveal the care and attention to detail that goes into their creation. As a result, we have an outstanding collection of pies that we’re very proud of, all of which epitomise Scottish tradition and heritage.

We believe we have taken the Scotch Pie to another level by introducing new and delectable flavours to our range. Our pies are well known in the local area and beyond for their quality, freshness and their delicious taste.

If you like the look of any of our pies, please click on them for further information, including their ingredients. Most importantly, we hope that you enjoy them.

Coming Soon:

Highland Hogget – Diced lamb flavoured with thyme, with lardons, carrot and tomato

Sow and Sage – Made up of pieces of pork flavoured with sage in a rich gravy

Grumphie Apple – Pieces of pork with slices of Bramley Apple flavoured with cinnamon in a rich gravy


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