The History of the Scotch Pie

The scotch pie has been around for hundreds of years to the point where its origins are no longer entirely clear. It is said that scotch pies were initially favoured among working men who required a quick, cheap and convenient way to get their nutrition.

Nowadays, hundreds and thousands of scotch pies are eaten each day and not just by working me. They are popular around the nation and are even widely sold in Canada. Although the quality can vary, scotch pies are commonly served at football games, accompanied by a hot drink. Since no cutlery is needed to eat the pies, they are a handy choice of snack during half-time.

In fact, bakers can even take part in the World Championships Scotch Pie Awards and other competitions to showcase their recipes. We are very proud at The Scotch Pie Company because our pie “Bonnie Scotch” has won an award in the Championships in both 2013 and 2015.

Spiced mutton was the traditional filling for the scotch pie, before different variations were made. Mutton was the favoured meat many years ago because there was lots of it and it was inexpensive. In recent years, however, beef is more commonly used as a filling than mutton, despite not tasting as sweet. Pepper and other ingredients are normally added to the meat to add some flavour, and many people like to add baked beans or gravy to the top crust.

The Scotch Pie Company has a great selection of twelve flavoursome pies, which you can find the ingredients for on our website.

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